Navigating the Bay

August 15, 2011

Bay window treatments are always a challenge.  Custom angle, bends, proper widths, matching fabric where they meet in closing.  There is much to consider when “navigating the bay”.  We recently completed an entire home of window treatments, which was topped off with dramatic panels in the master bedroom bay window.

This homeowner had been in the throws of a full house renovation that had been going on  for several months.  We added treatments to all the rooms.  For her downstairs, kitchen bay area, her preference was roman shades, outside mounted to finish and soften.

outside mount, linen roman shades in the kitchen bay, clean and soft.

But when she and the designer began to dress the master bedroom, they wanted something more luxurious and “worthy of the space”.  The duo first asked for roman shades, like the breakfast area, but after much discussion, drapery was decided to be the very best option.    Besides aesthetics, (what could be more beautiful than drapery?) there was also a need for full privacy and light reduction.  As the homeowner put it, “we were tired of waking up with the dawn!”.  The only concern was how to manage the bay.  Would it look good?  Was there enough room for the panels on either side – with a fireplace flanking the left and partial wall bordering the right?

One of the great things about bays is that the panels do not have to be overly full.  You can complete the look and minimize the fabric needed between windows because you are sharing the coverage – this allows for less use of space on the far sides of the windows.  Measuring a bay window is the first and most important step to getting this challenge right.  At Drape98, we use  a special angle measuring device that records the bay angles at an exact degree.  Our hardware is custom bent to precise specifications and then deductions are made for each piece of the rod to perfectly connect based on the proper projection.  Carefully spaced brackets and evenly spaced panels complete the picture and offer a truly custom solution.

Note the bend at the slight angle in this photo.   Instead of using a corner bracket, the bend is actually just left of the corner /bend, where, a few inches beyond, the rod is spliced for bracket placement.  We returned the rod to the wall just at the next angle which flanks the room dividing wall.

Custom bend/D98 Bronze Hardware

A bracket off center of the bend looks odd at first, but take a look below when panels are added.

Panels are strung between brackets, and laced rings over rod connections allows for a  clean look – custom rod bends, perfect panel coverage.

The break and bracket doesn't even show... perfectly custom

Have a custom bay project you need to complete?  Trust the experts, trust Drape98!  We have the experience and know how to make your “bay” project perfect!

Drape98 Express, LLC – 404.661.1501 or 850.225.8861


We recently completed an installation for a talented designer/retailer group in Atlanta.  They have been working with a client as she settles her home with new furnishings and finishes.  Because she and her family may be relocating soon and window treatments usually stay behind, the client was not anxious to spend a lot of money on drapery fabric.   As a result, she chose a very reasonably priced satin fabric for double europleated drapery to complete her living and dining rooms.

Fabric can make all the difference in drapery fabrication.  Any workroom can tell you that some fabrics are a breeze to work with and some make you want to get out of the business!   Working with a “dress” weight satin does have it’s challenges- and in some cases might not be suitable for drapery.  After inspecting the fabric, we knew some hand sewing would be required to keep the seams smooth and eliminate puckering.  (Machines tend to pull and add tension- can’t be helped).  We also realized that this lighter weight fabric might not drape as well as the client would like.   To tackle these issues, we started with adding a higher quality, 100% cotton liner along with a light interlining.  Doing this added weight – which helped the fabric “drape”. We also decided to use a stiffer buckram than is normally used for our europleated headers; giving the pleats a more defined shape.

Pewter Satin Drapes Beautifully...(a few fabrication tricks helped!)

The result was a truly stunning drapery.

The dining and living rooms are now finished, with the drapery adding just the right amount of sheen and luxury.

The hardware was a continual in both rooms; treating all windows as one.  A 1″ diameter, pewter finish  in iron – all custom- with very little bracket obstruction was designed.

One of the most rewarding parts of what we do is working with visionary designers.  Taking a design idea and bringing it to life takes attention to detail and a knowledge of what our clients are trying to create. It’s our job to know what fabrication technique is needed to make it happen.

Mirror Image of the Living Room... Satin and Sensational!

Check out how wonderful the rooms look!  As always, drapery helps complete the overall design and we are proud to say that all clients involved are more pleased than they thought they would be!

Have an upcoming project?  Trusting the right workroom to complete your vision can be scary.  We work hard to make the finished project just what everyone is looking for… sometimes even better!

Grommet panels cover - add warmth to a cozy dining area

We were thrilled to be a part of the West Egg Cafe’ renovation.  This popular eatery and gathering spot on the Atlanta’s west side is a terrific place to get a smooth cup of joe and good, southern eats.  Ben and Jen Johnson, proprietors, collaborated with Square Feet Studio to renovate the new West Egg space  The design team kept it clean and cozy- using lots of subway tiles, school-house fixtures and furnishings with warm finishes.  Drape98 was commissioned to provide grommet panels to help soften this crisp, commercial space.

Our first charge was a large bank of windows on the west side of the cafe’ that provided wonderful natural light, but, in the afternoon, let in some blinding rays.  The owners and design team wanted flexibility – let light in during the a.m. but offer some shade from the afternoon sun.  Drapes are always a great looking, affordable, functional option. By adding wall to wall, bronze grommet panels that easily open and close (we minimized brackets needed by installing a 1 1/4″ diameter rod), the drapes dimmed the afternoon rays when shut and soften each dividing pane while open.  The result is a wall of drapery that looks stunning both stacked and fully drawn.

In addition to open dining area, Ben and Jen added a communal dining table near the entrance that could be used for group dining or meetings.  The talented designers at Square Feet Studio, suggested we suspend grommet panels on either side of the communal area- providing and space definition.  To stay consistent, we again used 1 1/4″ round, Drape98 Stock Iron Hardware, with partial ceiling and wall mount brackets ( part of the ceiling was a dropped soffet) and bronze grommeted panels made from durable, Khaki fabric.

A communal dining area is defined with large panels- providing functionality and warmth to this terrific space! (And it's hard to even see the brackets!)

Upon entry, the new West Egg Cafe’ space is warm and inviting and we like to think that our drapery adds to the overall esthetic.  In fact, we’ve had several calls from West Egg diners who want this look in their homes!

In the area?  Make sure to check out West Egg Cafe for a relaxed, urban diner experience all while consuming some darn good food.  Check out their menu, location and hours at

Defining Space with Drapery

December 2, 2009

Drape98 recently created highly custom drapery panels for Vivian Bencich of Square Feet Studios in Atlanta.  For this recently remodeled Atlanta bungalow, the homeowner specifically requested that Vivian use paint in a particular  shade of green and wanted select family furniture to remain in every room while also adding new pieces to her collection.  In order to maintain her clients requested color choices and incorporating already owned furniture pieces while still adding style and updated luxury, Vivian commissioned Drape98 to help with a drapery design that would bring luxury and high design, without overpowering the room.  The panels must remain relaxed but still be beautiful.

Vivian designed the panels to include a 9″ band at the bottom and leading edges of the drape. Soft europleats were fabricated in a “Dogwood” silk as the face fabric.  By using silk as the face of these panels and then by asking Drape98 to interline, (we chose to work with a soft, flannel) the panels lent a luxurious warmth to the room.  Finally,  by adding a loose weave linen to the back of the panels, a comfort and ease is also created- incorporating all of what this homeowner and Vivian were trying to achieve.   Vivian also wanted the panels to look as wonderful from the street looking in as they were while actually in the room.   By using complimentary face fabric on both sides, she creates a rich softness that looks great from both outside and inside the home.

Overall, Vivian successfully used high end, custom draperies that don’t overpower.  Her interior design is accentuated by the panels which help define her space without detracting from the overall “look” of the room.  Clearly the drapes play an important role while still remaining understated.  Best of all, we understand that her client was thrilled with the result!

The fireplace, hand crafted mirror and decorative accent balls are balance by green silk panels

a 9" Band, face fabric of silk, lined with a face fabric linen and custom tailored tiebacks in matching fabric.

We’ve had an exciting couple of months at Drape98.  We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary – and in this challenging economy we could’t be more proud of our little company.  We also just completed two fabulous Idea Houses.

The first is featured in this month’s Southern Living Magazine – the 2009 Southern Living Idea House at Tarpon Run in Port Aransas, Texas.  We were thrilled when Tracery Interiors asked us to fabricate all the drapes and provide all the hard ware (our custom D98 line) in this house.  Paige Schnell and all the staff at Tracery did a wonderful job combining spicey yet tasteful colors and creating beautiful, comfortable and sophisticated interiors.   Hats off to Dungan Nequette Architects for creating a spacious, liveable floorplan and design – perfect for today’s beach family.

We also just completed the Designer Show House for the Arts in Alys Beach, Florida.  Dale E. Trice of “Design” asked us to provide custom fabrication and our stock, custom hardware to help creat one heck of a dining room!  The drapes are a focal point as they both define and soften the space.  What Dale creats is another stunning room that is formal and still inviting. When you visit, you really do want to sit down to dinner!

Designer Show House - Alys Beach

Designer Show House - Alys Beach