How High Should I Go?

February 22, 2010

Every time we go into a home or business to design drapery we almost always get asked the same question,  “How high should we hang the drapes?”  Should the hardware go just under the ceiling or ceiling mold?  Should it go half way between?  Are we hampered in some way?   Sometimes the answer is easy.   There may be little room above the window trim when the space available dictates where a bracket and rod can be installed.  Other times a ceiling mount is all that is possible.  But more often then not, clients have a choice.  We work with so many designers and clients with great taste, all of whom have various opinions of what looks best.  There is no normal.  Check out some examples:

Higher rods add height and drama to any room.  In a space with lower ceilings, we always recommend taking the hardware as high as you can.  It’s amazing what a difference this makes visually.

high drama

As high as it can go!

But maybe you don’t want it so high.  How about splitting the difference?  Still visually pleasing, hanging the rod somewhere between ceiling mold and window mold provides height and overall room balance.

Then, there is the other option of hanging the drapery just at the top of the window mold.  Some people want as much space above the window to the ceiling as possible.  Whenever clients ask us to install “ready made” drapes that are built at dictated lengths, this can become the only option.  This look is my least favorite.  I’m always bothered when that “Lowes” commercial comes on showing a do-it-yourself room update.  The couple is so happy with how easy and affordable it was to pull the room together with a new look, only all I can focus on is the cheap drapes hung on the molding just above the window pane!  (My kids always know when that commercial is on because I”m in the den yelling at the t.v!)   The photo below shows a room with so much height available – though not as bad as that commercial I think this space could stand taller drapes.

How about you?  Any thoughts on where drapes look best?  Do you have a rule of thumb or do you take in each space separately?  I would love to know what you think!


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