Ripple Effect – Ripplefold Drapes Are Back!

January 8, 2010

Ceiling Mount Ripplefold in D98 Robins Egg Blue - Simple, Elegant, Clean

Ripplefold has been around for years, but we believe they have come back into popularity because they look terrific , are affordable, (requiring about 25% less fabric), and offer a low maintenance window treatment solution.  Ripplefold is named for the soft, ripple-like folds that flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other. The result is a gently tailored drapery suited to both commercial and residential installations.

Ripplefold draperies may be used with either cord-drawn or baton-drawn track rods.  At Drape98, we always recommend baton drawn Ripplefold track because of strangulation risks associated with cord drawn products, but we can attend to either cord or baton as our customers request.  We start Ripplefold draperies by fabricating a flat panel.  We then use snapped tape sewn into a one inch header.  The snaps on the flat panel are then attached to the spaced carrier system in the track. Carriers are evenly spaced and connected with string, giving it a “ripple” effect and keeping each fold even and clean with little “stack back”.   The fullness of Ripplefold draperies is achieved by the ratio of the spacing between the snaps on the panels, to the spacing between the carriers.  We offer 60%, 80%, 100% and 120% fullness. As the fullness increases, so does the amount of fabric required.

Ripplefold draperies are also easy to clean and maintain.  Because they are fabricated as a flat panel, Ripplefold panels have a low maintenance factor, making it particularly attractive to specifications for commercial institutions like hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and rental properties. The draperies are easy to take down and re-hang. They can be washed (or dry cleaned – depending on fabric specifications), and then pressed flat. Folds fall easily into place when panels are rehung.
The key to Ripplefold draperies is the hardware.  There are several sources for Ripplefold hardware but most sell to the trade only. Drape98 sells Ripplefold panels and hardware to the trade as well as directly to homeowners. Exact measurements are required, particularly if the drapes are going to hang from the ceiling -so we take special care with our measurements and charted hardware information to know exact requirements for each installation.
Ripplefold drapery offers a crisp, clean, modern look.  Whether you are wanting a contemporary update for your home, 2nd home or condominium or require a simple solution in a commercial application, Drape98 can assist and provide exactly what you need.

Ripplefold in an Atlanta high rise condominium


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