Defining Space with Drapery

December 2, 2009

Drape98 recently created highly custom drapery panels for Vivian Bencich of Square Feet Studios in Atlanta.  For this recently remodeled Atlanta bungalow, the homeowner specifically requested that Vivian use paint in a particular  shade of green and wanted select family furniture to remain in every room while also adding new pieces to her collection.  In order to maintain her clients requested color choices and incorporating already owned furniture pieces while still adding style and updated luxury, Vivian commissioned Drape98 to help with a drapery design that would bring luxury and high design, without overpowering the room.  The panels must remain relaxed but still be beautiful.

Vivian designed the panels to include a 9″ band at the bottom and leading edges of the drape. Soft europleats were fabricated in a “Dogwood” silk as the face fabric.  By using silk as the face of these panels and then by asking Drape98 to interline, (we chose to work with a soft, flannel) the panels lent a luxurious warmth to the room.  Finally,  by adding a loose weave linen to the back of the panels, a comfort and ease is also created- incorporating all of what this homeowner and Vivian were trying to achieve.   Vivian also wanted the panels to look as wonderful from the street looking in as they were while actually in the room.   By using complimentary face fabric on both sides, she creates a rich softness that looks great from both outside and inside the home.

Overall, Vivian successfully used high end, custom draperies that don’t overpower.  Her interior design is accentuated by the panels which help define her space without detracting from the overall “look” of the room.  Clearly the drapes play an important role while still remaining understated.  Best of all, we understand that her client was thrilled with the result!

The fireplace, hand crafted mirror and decorative accent balls are balance by green silk panels

a 9" Band, face fabric of silk, lined with a face fabric linen and custom tailored tiebacks in matching fabric.


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