What a Difference a Drape Makes!

August 12, 2009

Okay – I know I’m a drape nerd.  I live, eat, sleep, breathe drapery- fabrics, hardware, fabrication techniques, best buckram in best situation, adhesives, sheer liners – you name it.  I’m always looking for what’s new, what’s next.  The bottom line is that when Drap98 makes drapes, whoever the client, each one of us is always excited to see the finished project completed. It makes us feel good!  Some clients are more appreciative than others but lack of enthusiasm on anyone else’s part never dampens how I feel when I’ve completed installing what we’ve built- what we’ve helped design – and our work – our panels always HELP the room.  The fact of the matter is that drapes make a difference.  I always say that drapes are like paint (although a bit more expensive!) In minutes they’re up and the room is changed.  And when the short, extra mile is taken to hang custom hardware and custom panels… wow – it always, always gets a reaction.  So here’s a photo – recent install – very high end client who wanted something really beautiful – and the designer gave it to her.  He came to us for the panels and hardware.  The finished product, “sheer” perfection.  And though this gorgeous room was stunning on it’s own, now with the simple, helping hand of fabulous drapery panels.. it looks complete.  It is now finished.  All brushes have gone back in their cases..  the Artists have proudly left with a grand sense of completion – knowing they made a difference!


What a Difference

What a Difference


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